Wednesday, October 3, 2018

PLASTIC Thermoforming Machine

1. The thermoforming line can produce various kinds of throwaway plastic containers of cooling drinks, sour milk, ice -cream, fast food, as well as different kinds of merchandise packages of medicine, toy, textile and light industry and so on.

2. Thermoforming machine has two functions Making square / round cups and other shape cups which can be cutting with page. It combines the material feeding, heating, drawing, page cutting and transporting into one process.

1. 3PH 440V.
2. Body powder coating M.S body.
3. Heater ceramic infra heater
4. Temp. Controller :- voltage control with SSR controller with individual contractor or Digital Temperature controller system.
5. Air pressure:-6.5 BAR.
6. Power consumption:-4.5 unit / hr.
7. Pressure Forming size :- 510x360”
9. PID Control  20
10. 2 cylinder.
11. One Pump With Motor 2800 R.P.M.
12. One HP. Pump capacity per Minute 600 Liters Air circulations capacity
13. Break. Motor 40. R.P.M
14. Body M.S Angle
15. Servo motor
16. Chiller S.S 202 Body
17. Water Capacity 200 Liter
18. Application:- Thermo Forming Machine


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